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Guide to Luxury Holidays in Hungary

Stunning cities, picturesque villages, and swathes of sprawling countryside await you. Hungary is every inch the European nation, where historic churches and traditional bathhouses sit shoulder to shoulder with 5-star hotels and cosmopolitan hangouts. Take a luxury holiday to Hungary to immerse yourself in history, marvel at spectacular buildings, and explore the beautiful countryside of Central Europe.

From the fairytale castles of the north to the vast open plains of the east, Hungary is a country of immense drama and beauty. The country’s beating heart is its spectacular capital city, Budapest. Famously split by the Danube, as indeed the whole country is, Budapest is - literally and figuratively - a city of two halves. Pest, on the east bank, is flat, lively and buzzing, while hilly Buda is all about quiet nobility. The duality at the capital’s heart extends to its incredible old-meets-new atmosphere. Restore your energy in the authentic bathhouses, delve into the country’s rich folk heritage at traditional dance shows, and then dine at Michelin-starred restaurants.

Beyond Budapest, culture-packed Pecs and historic Eger offer their own spin on the urban Hungarian experience. Though landlocked, Hungary is home to the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton. Head to the southern banks of this vast body of water and you’ll find a number of charming resort towns. On the hilly northern banks, you can explore famed wine country. In the east of Hungary, you can visit national parks home to spectacular forested mountains, underground cave systems, and many rare bird species.

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Hungary’s major cities are packed with beautiful architecture, excellent museums, and luxury places to dine and stay – which means a fantastic holiday can be enjoyed at any time of year. Visit in spring and see the city trees and flower borders in bloom.

In autumn, it's the hills that come alive with colour. For the warmest and sunniest weather, you should aim to travel in the summer months. At this time, numerous festivals take place across the country, many of which celebrate traditional music and dance.

Before you book your holiday to Hungary, you should check the entry requirements at GOV.UK. You don't need a visa if you're a British citizen, so just make sure your passport is valid for the length of your break.

Taking a holiday to Hungary gives you the perfect opportunity to explore traditional Magyar food – but that’s not the only cuisine on offer. At our luxury hotels and in Budapest’s Michelin-starred restaurants, you can enjoy fine dining from around the globe, and excellent local wines and cocktails.

At the traditional restaurants you can sample classic Hungarian dishes such as goulash, langos (deep-fried flatbread), and sweet treats such as dobos torte, sponge cake layered with chocolate buttercream and topped with caramel.

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