Luxury Italy Holidays

Where years of history, culture, and cuisine have come to a breathtaking crescendo.

Guide to Luxury Holidays in Italy

Awe-inspiring art and architecture, extraordinary natural diversity, stylish yet spirited locals, as well as the world's finest food and drink - luxury holidays in Italy offer a charm that knows no bounds. Whether you choose to explore culture-packed cities or experience a little vita all'italiana by the coast, luxury holidays in Italy are guaranteed to satisfy your soul.

Italy is a destination that you'll never grow tired of. Stylish and sophisticated, but with the substance to back it up, Italy boasts an abundance of historical riches, cultural charm, incredible gastronomy, and stunning scenery. Visit the architectural treasures of Rome, the remarkable coastline of Amalfi, the enduring romanticism of Venice, or the pristine beaches of Sardinia - there's always something new to come back for.

As the epicentre of the Roman Empire and the birthplace of the Renaissance, much of Italy's appeal comes from its remarkable past. As such, it's unsurprising that Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world. But whilst historical artefacts are seemingly around every corner, so too is Italy's contemporary culture, which places an emphasis on design - something which is evidenced in the mighty fashion houses of Milan.

Even with all this bounty, one aspect of Italian life is consistently highlighted: the universally appealing cuisine. Each region has its own style, but wherever you visit on your holidays to Italy you can count on fresh ingredients and simple yet finely-tuned dishes. And when your dining experiences can take place by the sparkling waters of Lake Como, on a balcony overlooking the Capri, or beside the rolling green hills of Tuscany, you'll see why so few countries come close to Italy's eternal magnetism.

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A luxury holiday to Italy can be enjoyed year-round. The diverse landscapes and stunning locations make it a great destination to visit, so whether you are exploring on one of our luxury city breaks, or indulging in a relaxing beach getaway, we have a package to suit your needs.

High season for the country is typically between July and August, excluding the Alps and Dolomites, where snow-based pursuits are most popular from late December to March.

Italy is characterised by a Mediterranean climate and benefits from warm, dry summers. In July, the hottest month, temperatures regularly top 30 degrees. For more comfortable climes and fewer people, consider visiting between April and June or late September and October.

British nationals don’t need a visa to enjoy Italian holidays, but your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay. For more information about entry requirements, visit GOV.UK.


Renowned the world over, Italian cuisine promises flavour-packed dishes made using tried and trusted techniques, as well as the finest ingredients and seasonal produce. For top-end restaurants, booking as far in advance as possible is highly recommended - especially if they've earned a Michelin star. Or why not try one of our luxury all-inclusive holidays to this beautiful country, and take the pressure off finding places to eat every night? 

In addition to pizza and pasta, Italy has a great deal of regional variety, with noteworthy dishes often named after their birthplace. These include Milanese risotto, Sicilian sardines, Florentine steak, Tuscan bean soup, Parma ham, and Pugliese bread.

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Popular areas in Italy

Experience the whitest beaches and bluest waters in Europe on a coastline studded with high-end hotels and restaurants.
Amalfi Coast
Breathtaking seaside towns surrounded by dramatic scenery and blessed with effortless Italian charm.
Explore a land famous for its cuisine and for its unique landscape of idyllic beaches, volcanic peaks and ancient ruins.
Italian Lakes
Travel to a land where quaint towns and ornate villas snuggle the shores of colourful lakes nestled below Alpine peaks.
Discover the jewel of the Italian Riviera where wealthy villas and sleek yachts line an emerald coastline of soft sands.
Explore cliff perched towns that shimmer along the Amalfi Coast and bathe under the spectacular sight of Mount Vesuvius.
Explore a region where ripe vineyards sweep rolling valleys, and iconic landmarks and artworks colour medieval cities.
Escape to the perfect island getaway, where chic towns rise out of steep cliffs and turquoise waters lap pristine bays.
Meet the La Serenissima, the heart of romance where gondolas float past ornate Venetian buildings.
Rome is simply iconic. Historic landmarks and world-famous artworks paint a thousand breathtaking pictures.
Travel to a land where fairy tale towns and gothic castles stand alongside rich vineyards and iconic beaches.
Visit the global capital of fashion and explore the sophisticated charms of Italy's chicest city.
Cultured and civilised yet enchanting and indulgent, Florence is where world-class art meets famed Tuscan gastronomy.
Slow down, unwind, and take notice of the beautiful details that this island is waiting to share with you.