Sicily offers a striking natural landscape peppered with a wealth of historical remains. You'll find UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Necropolis of Pantalica, as well as towering cathedrals and palaces like the Noto Cathedral and the Royal Palace of Palermo. Be sure to visit two of the finest beaches on the island, Cefalu Beach and Torre Salsa. On the west coast, visit Marsala and Alcamo, the home of two celebrated wines, named after their respective towns.

When To Visit

You'll find the best weather in Sicily is from July to August with temperatures sitting around 30 degrees celsius. These are popular months for luxury travellers to visit the island, not just for the weather, but also for local festivals that celebrate art, food and music.

April to June and September to October, are also great months to visit where you'll see temperatures in the high 20s. June and September are also well suited for diving, as visibility is good and you can see more marine life during these months.

Food & Drink

Sicilian cuisine is some of the finest in the world and showcases the blend of cultures that have lived on the island. Start your day with an international breakfast buffet and eagerly await the evening menu, with local Sicilian specialities like anelletti baked pasta and caponata aubergine stew.

Try classic Mediterranean dishes and sample a range of foods at tapas bars. Enjoy barbecues with fresh seafood and prime meats, and discover Michelin-starred restaurants. Then relax with a glass of Marsala, Sicily's famous sweet wine.

Passport & Visas

You should carry identification with you at all times and keep a photocopy of your passport. British passport holders don't need a visa to enter Italy. Visit GOV.UK for more advice on passports, visas and travel.