An island in Italy's Bay of Naples, Capri manages to blend a secluded, rural vibe with outstanding elegance, comfort and luxury. You'll find quaint towns and unrivalled beaches in a place that epitomises the Mediterranean's reputation for beauty. A luxury holiday in Capri offers two-Michelin starred restaurants, a world-renowned spa and some of the best views in Italy.

Celebrated for its rugged landscape, vibrant greenery and colourful houses that layer the steep cliff sides, Capri has been a famous luxury holiday destination for centuries. Even the Roman Emperor Tiberius made this beautiful island his go-to home.

Today, Capri enjoys the company of the rich and famous, but you can still see Tiberius's villa, Villa Jovis, one of the region's most spectacular historical attraction. There are few roads and cars throughout the island and every place you'll visit emanates a secluded air. There are only two principle towns, Capri and Anacapri, adding to the magic of the area.

Anacapri is on a high plateau on the slopes of Mount Solaro and is connected to its sister-town via ancient stone steps, known as the Phoenician Steps. Meanwhile, Capri Town is the hub of the island and is connected to the lavish port, Marina Grand. Drink espresso at the renowned little square of Piazza Umberto I. Explore exclusive designer stores and world-class jewellers.

Sample fine dining with famous Capri Rosso and Bianco wines and enjoy a digestif of local made Limoncello. Take time on one of Capri's many idyllic beaches, and swim in azure waters beneath impressive rock formations like Faraglioni. And discover the reason why Capri is one of Italy's most vaunted destinations.

When To Visit

With daytime temperatures averaging around 20 degrees celsius, you'll find lovely warm weather in Capri from May to October. June to September are the warmest months sitting comfortably around the mid-20s.

It's during this period that the rich and famous travel to the island. In the spring, the weather is a bit cooler and perfect for long walks and hiking. In the winter, you'll get Capri at its most authentic where you can immerse yourself in the day-to-day culture of the locals.

Food & Drink

At Capri, you'll get to enjoy fine dining at two-Michelin starred restaurants that offer the finest Italian dishes. With freshly caught fish, delicate meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, you'll find menus alive with local specialities, like ravioli Caprese, a pasta made with ricotta and Parmigiana-Reggiano.

In addition to the food, you'll get to sample some of the best wines from some of the most illustrious wine-growing regions in the world. Try a fruity glass of red, or a crisp white with your meal.

Passport & Visas

You should carry identification with you at all times and keep a photocopy of your passport. British passport holders don't need a visa to enter Italy. Visit GOV.UK for more advice on passports, visas and travel.

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