Luxury Far East Holidays

Travel to a land where solace and spirituality sit alongside the non-stop hustle and bustle of big city life.

Guide to Luxury Holidays in Far East

Whether it's sampling authentic Thai cuisine from a Bangkok street vendor, sunbathing on one of Cambodia's untouched beaches, gazing in awe at Tokyo's neon-lit skyline, or learning about the fascinating facets of ancient China, luxury holidays in the Far East promise unparalleled variety and unforgettable experiences.

From evidence of ancient civilisations and glimpses of the future, to vast unspoilt landscapes and high-rise metropolises, the Far East is awash with diversity. Whereas capital cities like Bangkok and Beijing are typically fast-paced and energetic destinations, you can also experience the serenity of the Far East in places like Angkor Wat, the iconic ancient city in Siem Reap, or the otherworldly Golden Pavilion in Kyoto.

Despite centuries of change, most of the Far East continues to live by long-established traditions and a shared set of hospitable values. Warm hearts and wide smiles are always evident at the dinner table, where red hot curries, juicy dumplings and bowls of steaming pho soup await. Whether it's at a Michelin-starred restaurant or street-side cafe, eating can be an eye-opening experience.

Along with the culture and cuisine, many travellers find themselves drawn to the Far East for their boutique hotels positioned right on the beach. You'll find it difficult to look past the islands of Phuket in Thailand and Bali in Indonesia for sun-kissed sand and crystal-clear waters, but lesser known destinations in Malaysia and Vietnam are well worth considering too, especially if you're after untouched beaches and low-key destinations.

If anything can match the Far East's variety of scenery, cultures and cuisines it's the range of climates and weather this vast region experiences at any given time. Luckily, you'll find that if one part of the region is having its annual rainy season, the other will inevitably be basking in glorious, unending sunshine.

Countries that straddle the equator, such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia are warm all-year round. Coastal destinations in Thailand and Vietnam benefit from cooling sea breezes in summer, while areas of China and Japan experience four seasons.

British passport holders can enter several Far East countries, such as Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, without a visa for short periods of time. Look up your destination of choice on GOV.UK for accurate information about visas, passport validity, and other entry requirements.

Despite differences in regional specialities and the uniqueness of national dishes, several Far Eastern cuisines share similar traits. Noodles and rice are popular staples, while sweet, sour and spicy flavours dominate many a plate.

There's no danger of getting bored either, not just with the number of menu options available, but also with the dining experiences on offer. View breathtaking skylines at a lofty city restaurant, enjoy an intimate dinner within the comfortable confines of your beachside resort, or grab a quick bite to eat from the nearest street-food vendor.

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