Indonesia is a country formed from over 17,000 islands, with varied landscapes and a kaleidoscope of cultures. When visiting, you can discover tropical rainforests, white sandy beaches, coral rich seas and smouldering volcanoes. Visit golden pagodas, historic temples and walk with wild animals. A luxury holiday in Indonesia offers unique experiences you won't find anywhere else.

Indonesia is a land of spectacular sights and wonderful experiences. For a natural paradise, head to the renowned island of Bali and explore a coastline lined with golden sands. Snorkel the coral-rich turquoise waters and swim with tropical fish or surf world-famous waves. Visit zoos with elephants, lions and monkeys. Walk through parks with enormous statues of Hindu deities, or wander ancient temples with sacred architecture towering into the skies.

Lombok island offers similar opportunities to Bali with even more white sand beaches, the added lure of an unusual bay of pink sands and Mount Rinjani, the second largest volcano in Indonesia. With its jungle-clad slopes and lake-filled caldera, Mount Rinjani is a breathtaking sight. Take a boat cruise to the nearby Gili Islands and discover bite-sized pieces of heaven. It's a renowned snorkelling and diving spot known as the turtle capital of the world for the huge numbers of turtles that swim the waters.

When To Visit

With a tropical climate, Indonesia experiences lovely warm weather throughout the year, with temperatures sitting steadily around 30 degrees Celsius. The nation has two main seasons, from May to September it's the dry season and October to April the rainy season.

Despite its name, the rain period rarely experiences excessive rainfall. Usually, intense tropical downpours fall in short bursts that last a couple of hours and then clear leaving bright skies and sunny weather. The rain also brings a dash of extra colour to the jungles of Indonesia.

Food & Drink

Dining in Indonesia is an exquisite affair. Begin your morning with a fruit-infused breakfast, before tucking into elegant evening and lunchtime dishes like tuna tartare, butterfish, Greek salads and a whole range of other western and Asian-influenced cusine.

You’ll find that some meals are even accompanied with traditional music and Sasak dance performances, giving you the chance to soak up traditional Indonesian culture while you dine.

Passport & Visas

As with any holiday, it's a good idea to carry some identification with you at all times and to keep a photocopy of your passport. For visits up to 30 days, you don't need a visa to enter Indonesia. Visit GOV.UK for more advice on passports, visas and travel.

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Where to stay in Indonesia