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Florida Keys

The Americans are serious about their holidays, and this island chain at the southern tip of Florida, with its sweet tropical climate, pretty much ticks all the boxes. Surprisingly, it is home to North America’s only living coral barrier reef - divers and snorkellers get your flippers on! So with all the hype, and TV familiarity, is this the place for you? We actually find it difficult to find a group that it would NOT be suitable for! Virtually every water sport as well as marinas, dolphin encounters and fishing can be enjoyed, while on land there is golf, miles of walking trails and a multitude of racquet sports. Culturally, you will find the Keys rich in original theatre, not-for-profit Key West Contemporary Dance Company and Florida Keys Concert Association are just two of the many bringing regular concerts and shows. Add to this the myriad of unique museums, galleries and festivals, topped with a heady choice of restaurants, bars, cafes and high end accommodation, the cynic in you will be struggling for a reason to say no.

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