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Koh Samui

Looking for a true Thai island tropical idyll? Well you’ve found it. Welcome to Koh Samui, one of the world’s finest travel destinations. Imagine an island blessed with aquamarine waters, glistening temptingly in curved caramel shored bays. Palm trees sway as the island vibe takes hold. A slower pace of life is found here, and soon you’ll be supping your cocktail watching the sun go down over the Gulf of Thailand. Venture outside of your luxury home from home, and discover some truly world class cuisine, some stunning spas, and a well manicured sense of calm. Koh Samui could be termed as Phuket’s more chilled out brother. Don’t think for a second though that a sense of Thainess isn’t always present here; despite the sophistication and luxury of the island, you’ll easily wander into peaceful Buddhist temples, savour some delicious Thai street food, or witness some Muay Thai training. If it’s nature you’re in search of, Koh Samui is blessed with gorgeous smaller islands just off her shores, and beautiful waterfalls and landscapes waiting for exploration.

Koh Samui is perfect from January to March, and also from May to November. Expect sunny clear days on the whole, and plenty of relaxation on your sunlounger. Visiting outside of these months is great too, but expect greater humidity and rain. The beauty of Koh Samui however is that there’s always something to do, and downtime is never too far away. Fly down to Koh Samui from Bangkok with any of Thailand’s main air operators. The flight takes an hour. You can also fly in from Phuket, Chiang Mai, Singapore or Hong Kong. Arriving into the airport is an experience by itself. Never before has there been such an airy, tropical arrival as this!

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