The Maldives in October

Most tourists avoid visiting the Maldives in October when they hear that the weather is bad, but that doesn’t mean that you should discount a visit at this time of year. Granted, it is the rainy season, so you will not be able to spend that much time outdoors. But the islands still offers plenty of activities for tourists. 


In October, you can take up surfing lessons, attend a cooking class, or sail the pristine lagoons. And the good news is that these activities are being offered at discounted rates since it's the off-season. 


If you're thinking of going to the Maldives in October, here's a guide to help you plan your trip.


Weather in The Maldives in October

The Maldives weather October is characterised by regular rain showers with high humidity levels. But since it's almost the end of the wet season, you can expect longer days of brilliant sunshine, particularly towards the end of the month.

The average high Maldives temperature in October ranges between 27°C to 29°C. Therefore, if you visit at this time of year, you can be in for a brilliantly sunny holiday. 

It's also a great time to take advantage of the off-season deals, but be prepared to spend most of your time within your resort, as staying on the beach might not be possible due to the frequent rain, with the precipitation climbing to an average of 222mm across the month.


What to Do in The Maldives in October

Attend a Cooking Class

Although you can still participate in various fun activities outdoors when you visit the Maldives in October, you should plan for many indoor activities as well so you will have something to do in case it rains. One of the best indoor activities to do in the Maldives is to attend a cooking class, where you will learn how to mix various herbs and spices with seafood, poultry, and other meats. 

You will also learn how to prepare traditional Maldivian dishes during your cooking class. These classes are offered by world-renown chefs at the kitchen of some luxury resorts in the Maldives. Enjoy learning about Maldivian cuisines and cultures as you cook under the direction of a professional chef. After your cooking class, you'll get to share the sumptuous meals you've prepared. 


Take Up Surfing Lessons

The weather in the Maldives in October is ideal for surfing. Providing a fair amount of wave power, the coasts of the islands are ideal for those looking for an exotic and high-quality surfing destination. 

From May to October, the southwest monsoon will cause unstable weather, bringing strong winds and rain with it, but also making it the best time to ride the waves in the Maldives. These conditions are better suited to those with experience, but some sheltered coastal areas offer lessons for beginners if you still want to get out in the water.

One of the most famous surf camps in the Maldives is the Cokes Surf Camp, where guests will learn how to thread "surfing", bond with other guests, and share delicious meals overlooking the ocean.


Go on a Banana Boat Ride

The weather in the Maldives in October may not be ideal for snorkelling or diving due to the poor visibility in the ocean water, there are other fun water sports activities that you can do. One of these is to go on a fun banana boat ride adventure. If you are going to the Maldives with groups of friends or family, this can make for a fun bonding moment.

During your banana boat ride, you'll zoom along the pristine blue ocean waters as you ride a banana-shaped boat, which can accommodate up to a group of six. In this thrilling activity, you will be strapped to the boat as it travels in speed across the Maldivian waters, providing a really fun activity that shouldn’t be missed when visiting in October.


October Festivals and Events

National Day

The Maldives National Day, also known as "Qaumee Dhuvas", is an important event observed and celebrated every third month of the Islamic calendar, which sometimes falls between September and October. It's a celebration of the victory of the Maldives from Portuguese occupation in 1573. The festival will include parades and marches, mainly in the streets of the capital city of Malé.

Prophet’s Birthday 

Every first week of October, Muslims around the world observe the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Since the Maldives is a predominantly Muslim country, this holiday is observed in the country. 

Also known as Mawlid an-Nabawi, this event is usually celebrated with street processions. Mosques and homes are decorated, and traditional poems regarding Muhammad's life are recited.


The Maldives in October FAQs

How often does it rain in the Maldives in October?

Although October is almost the end of the wet season in the Maldives, you can expect up to 16 rainy days when you travel to the Maldives this month. The precipitation usually climbs above the 200 mm mark at an average of 222 mm.

What is the cheapest time to go to the Maldives?

The cheapest time to go to the Maldives is during the low season, from May to November. During this time, expect cooler climates, more rainy days, and fewer hours of sunshine each day.



While many tourists tend to avoid visiting the Maldives in October due to the rainy weather, it's still a great time to enjoy the islands without the crowds. Although relaxing at the beach is not a popular activity, there are lots of indoor activities that can make your October holiday to the Maldives fun and exciting. 

Best of all, prices during this month are lower, so you can enjoy a worry-free holiday. Whether you are travelling with your loved one or your family, you should consider visiting the Maldives in October.


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