Kenya is a land of great variety. Its southern coast is a paradise of white sand beaches and palm-fringed islands. To the west and north, the great lakes of Naivasha and Victoria shape the landscape, while the centre is a patchwork of mountain peaks, immense plains, and charming towns and villages. A luxury holiday to Kenya guarantees adventure and discovery.

If you’re visiting Kenya with safari in mind, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Amboseli National Park sits at the Tanzanian border against the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro – here you can explore savannahs, woodlands, and wetlands and spot the Big Five. The Tsavo National Park boasts similar credentials but is spread over a far larger area, while the Maasai Mara National Reserve is the most famous safari location in the country. It's here that you can observe the astonishing natural spectacle of the annual wildebeest migration.

A key feature of Kenya’s landscape is the Great Rift Valley, which houses eight of the country’s lakes, including Nakuru, a key area for wildlife and spectacular natural scenery. Nakuru is an alkaline lake where algae thrive - this in turn entices a vast population of flamingos. Surrounding the lake is a national park where you can observe black and white rhinos, giraffes, and big cats.

In the capital, Nairobi, you can experience the urban side of Kenya . The city is home to its own National Park, where giraffes and lions tread the grass plains against the backdrop of glittering skyscrapers. Nairobi’s laidback twin, Mombasa, is found on the southern coast and combines beachside charm with vibrant hustle and bustle.

When To Visit

Kenya gets its hottest, driest weather between December and March, while April to June marks the green season. More rainfall usually occurs in October and November. At the coast, temperatures remain fairly consistent across the day – but at higher altitudes the nights can be cool.

A popular time to visit follows the rainy season and runs from June to October. At the beginning of this warm, dry period wildebeest begin to arrive in the Maasai Mara Reserve, and other herbivores return to Amboseli.

Food & Drink

A luxury holiday to Kenya promises food experiences with the wow factor. On safari, expect to be blown away by the sundowner experience, where you'll sip champagne and sample world-class cuisine as the sun sets over the plains.

Traditional Kenyan cuisine draws on ingredients such as kale, tomato, peppers, goat, cassava, and beans. Meat is often stewed with spices or simply barbecued. Indian influence is reflected in the popularity of chapattis, samosas and chai – other well-liked drinks include fresh fruit juice, coffee and Tusker lager.

Passport & Visas

A visa is required for entry into Kenya. This can be obtained upon arrival, but to reduce queuing time at the airport you should arrange it before you travel. Carry identification with you whilst in Kenya and keep a photocopy of your passport. For more guidance, consult GOV.UK.