Celebrated for its vibrant atmosphere, rich diversity and premium hospitality, Morocco is the jewel of North Africa. Admire breathtaking views of soaring mountains, long golden coastlines, fragrant cities, and unfolding desert dunes. A luxury holiday to Morocco promises travellers the chance at experiencing a true oasis.

With towering mountain ranges and a pristine shoreline, Morocco is a land of treasures. Kick of your tour of Morocco in its vibrant cities, which are packed with culture and character. Take in the history of the land with imperial cities such as Fez and Rabat, home to ancient medinas and intricately decorated mosques.

Travel to the renowned cities of Tangier, Casablanca and Marrakech, where modern Morocco meets the traditional, and where you can indulge in high-end shopping, and fine dining. To the south of the country you'll find the world-famous Sahara Desert - a truly surreal landscape.

There are many hotspots to satisfy the appetite of travellers looking for a Saharan adventure, including the desert towns of Merzouga and Ouarzazate. These are popular destinations for filming Hollywood desert scenes, and a visit to either of these towns will make you feel like you've stepped into a thrilling desert tale of your own. The rest of the region boasts rich oases, flowing rivers and lush vineyards.

Explore the mountainous region of Morocco, and see the Atlas mountains from the streets of quaint Ifrane, or the beautiful UNESCO-listed Meknes. Or throw your cares away and find a stretch of golden sand along the coastline of pretty Asilah, or enchanting Essaouira, where the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean await you.

When To Visit

Morocco is a year-round destination, but the natural beauty of this country is at its most vibrant during spring (mid-March to May), and this is also an ideal time for adventures into the Sahara Desert.

Summer (June to August) sees plenty of long, sunny days, with days on the coast averaging 28°C. Autumn (September to October) still sees lovely beach holiday weather.

Whilst winter (November to February) brings cooler climates, and snow-capped peaks across the High Atlas Mountains. Perfect if you intend to ski during your stay.

Food & Drink

Morocco prides itself on its cuisine, and you will find fragranced tagines, spiced harira, smoky flatbreads, and sweet mint teas. International influences are rich in this region too, with a particular bent towards Mediterranean flavours.

There are also plenty of luxury fine-dining experiences on offer, dine in in rooftop with panoramic views of the Atlas Mountains, or beside the sea, under the stars. Then try upscale restaurants like Al Fassia and La Grande Table Marocaine, both of which serve Moroccan cuisine with a modern twist.

Passport & Visas

British nationals won't need a visa to visit Morocco for stays of up to 3 months. As a precaution, you may want to travel with a photocopy of your passport along with the original. Find more advice at GOV.UK with information on passports, visas and travel.

Moroccan Dirham
Flight Time
~3 hours 40 minutes