Los Angeles things to do

Los Angeles
Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is a groundbreaking theme park and working film studio. You'll find amazing rides based on beloved movie franchises, like King Kong and Jurassic Park, and immersive set recreations like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Go behind the scenes with a tour of the film studio and watch dazzling performances with stunts and pyrotechnics at WaterWorld.

Los Angeles
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

This museum has a mind-blowing collection including more than 35 million specimens and artefacts from over 4.5 billion years. The main highlights are the Dinosaur Hall with 20 complete dinosaur skeletons, a rare mineral and gem collection and a display of ancient Aztec and Inca treasures. A visit here will provide you with a fascinating look into the past.

Los Angeles
Huntington Library

The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens has 12 breathtaking, manicured gardens with postcard-perfect views and houses 420,000 rare books, seven million manuscripts, and over 1000 paintings and sculptures. Highlights include the Gutenberg Bible, letters and documents by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and drafts of Walden by Henry David Thoreau.

Los Angeles
Griffith Observatory

Visit Griffith Observatory for a journey to the stars. At one of the world's most impressive planetariums, you can marvel at the mysteries of the solar system, explore the Foucault pendulum or admire Tesla coil exhibits. From here, you’ll also get spectacular views of Los Angeles, Hollywood and the iconic Hollywood Sign.

Los Angeles
Disneyland Resort

Experience the magic of two major theme parks at Disneyland Resort. Visit Disneyland Park, the first park ever built by Walt Disney, and enjoy thrilling rides like Space Mountain and iconic sights like the fairytale castle. At Disney California Adventure Park, discover your favourite Disney classics brought to life. Be sure to try the brilliant Guardians of the Galaxy ride.

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