Gran Canaria things to do

Gran Canaria
Maspalomas Dunes

One of Gran Canaria's most prominent attractions, Maspalomas’ rolling dunes conjure up the image of the Sahara Desert. These giant beauties originated during the last ice age when sand, from the bottom of the ocean, was blown towards the island’s coast. Whether you explore this area on foot or admire it from afar, it's a magical place.

Gran Canaria
Bandama Caldera

Also known as Bandama Natural Monument, this volcanic crater is carved deep into the land and is considered an important geographical site. Take the nature trail to the highest point for unique views. Bandama Caldera is in the middle of Gran Canaria's most prominent wine growing region, so a trip here also gives you the opportunity to sample local vintages.

Gran Canaria

The Old Town of Aguimes is one of the Gran Canaria’s prettiest places. Quaint pastel-coloured houses line a maze of narrow cobblestoned streets and an ornate cathedral featuring lofty spires and a whitewashed dome stands above the town. Aguimes is one of the best examples of traditional Canarian hill towns – charming, timeless and very photogenic.

Gran Canaria
Pilancones Natural Park

Pilancones Natural Park lies in Gran Canaria’s southeast in a region of rugged peaks are home to with pine forests, cactus-laden ravines, winding rivers and quiet swimming pools. This area is perfect for trekking and bird watching. Look out for bird species like the blue chaffinch, great spotted woodpecker and black-rumped waxbill.

Gran Canaria
Caves of Valeron

High above a canyon are the caves of Valeron, a network of caves spanning eight levels that were once used as a granary. Passages, compartments and over 300 storage places were built into the cave and were used until the 15th century. A visit here gives you a glimpse into Gran Canaria's past.

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