Picture a tropical island and there's a good chance it will look exactly like Bermuda. With its pink-tinted sand, clear shallow waters and swaying palm trees, this archipelago of around 180 islets has everything you could want in a luxurious beach retreat. But there's more to Bermuda than meets the eye... In many respects it feels a lot like rural England with stately mansions, pastel houses, manicured gardens and even the odd red phone box that all hark back to Bermuda's colonial past. African, North American, Portuguese and West Indian influences are also present, contributing to a uniquely varied culture. All the while, Bermuda delivers where holidaymakers need it the most, you can expect dreamy coastlines, fascinating historical attractions, impeccable hospitality and vibrant townships. Then there is the incredible underwater world of Bermuda, which beckons every traveller to dive beneath its waves. The balmy waters of the Sargasso Sea play host to colourful reefs and magnificent wrecks making Bermuda one of the world's top diving destinations. Its varied terrain is even suited to water sports, hiking and golfing. Finally, throw fresh seafood cuisine and superb shopping opportunities into the mix and you're left with a truly distinctive, yet dazzling destination.

When To Visit

Subtropical Bermuda is actually in the Atlantic not the Caribbean. As a result the high season is between April and October when the sun warms up the azure waters and provides average temperatures of 28 degrees. Bermuda has no wet season either which means rainfall is consistently low throughout the year. Whilst the temperature is lower during the low season months of November to March, you'll be able to make the most of quieter resorts and empty golf courses.

Food & Drink

With an extensive mix of British, Portuguese, African and West Indian influences, Bermudian cuisine features traditional classics alongside local specialities. High-end restaurants, boutique hotels and luxury resorts serve some superb fusion dishes as well as international and Bermudan options. Fresh seafood is the hallmark of Bermudian cuisine and popular dishes include fish chowder infused with sherry, peppers and rum, codfish and potatoes (traditional Sunday brunch) and Bermuda lobster, which is in season from September to mid-April.

Passport & Visas

While British passport holders do not need a visa to enter Bermuda, you must book accommodation before you arrive. Visitors are typically granted entry for up to 90 days. For more information about entry requirements, visit GOV.UK.

Bermudian Dollar
Flight Time
~7 hours