Luxury British Virgin Islands Holidays


Consisting of four main islands with lots of smaller isles and islets, the British Virgin Islands is where your castaway dreams come alive. Blessed with vibrant forests, aquamarine waters, and white-sand beaches surrounded by lush palm trees, it's hard to find a string of islands more picturesque than these ones. The largest island, Tortola, offers all the natural trappings of a Caribbean getaway destination, but also comes with a rich history and culture. Learn about this history at the Folk Museum and couple it with a tour of the Callwood Rum Distillery where you can sample the liquor that is inextricably linked to the islands' past. Then walk through the picturesque J.R. O'Neal Botanical Garden and find quaint boutiques at the Nanny Cay marina and shopping district. If want some outdoor adventure, you can trek through the forests of Mount Sage National Park. Sail to Peter Island and stroll the secluded sands of Honeymoon Beach then watch turtles swim the reefs at the romantic White Bay Beach. Go snorkelling and diving, swim with exotic marine life off the coast of Dead Chest Island, home to the legends of the pirate Blackbeard. You'll find coral gardens here and the world renowned dive site called Painted Walls.

When To Visit

With a tropical climate, the British Virgin Islands enjoy temperatures around 30 degrees celsius all year round. A popular time to visit is from December to May when the weather is at its most glorious. June to November is the rainy season, but it's worth noting the climate remains warm at this time, and the odds of your holiday being disrupted by storms are very low. You can also find deals with the best luxury resorts at this time.

Food & Drink

Local fruits and vegetables and freshly-caught seafood are staple ingredients in the dishes of the British Virgin Islands. Enjoy freshly carved meats, tender grills and traditional Caribbean fusion cuisine with its delicious herbs and spices. Fine restaurants gets even finer with private beach dining under the stars. Try a candlelit meal with professionally paired wines and get swept up in the romance of the Caribbean. With smoky, sweet rums and regional specialities like jerk chicken and curried goat, you're in for a world of flavour.

Passport & Visas

You should carry some identification with you at all times and it's a good idea to keep a photocopy of your passport with you. British nationals do not need a visa to travel to the British Virgin Islands. Visit GOV.UK for more advice on passports, visas and travel.

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