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Located in the centre of China is Xi’an, one of the country’s oldest cities, dating back over 3000 years, and one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, serving as capital under several of the most significant dynasties in Chinese history; it is also widely regarded to be the root of Chinese civilisation. Such is the importance of Xi’an to China’s history, it is no surprise that visitors will find many ancient ruins, museums and cultural relics to embrace. The Terracotta Army, in particular, is not to be missed – a collection of terracotta sculptures that date back to the third century BC depicting the armies of the first emperor of China. Not just limited to historical sightseeing, as part of the economic revival of China, Xi’an has re-emerged as an important cultural hub with a cosmopolitan ambience: the Muslim Quarter is fantastic place to wander amongst the street stalls in search of a bargain and enjoy a diverse selection of food.

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