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Sun-drenched rivieras, historic architecture, and unbeatable culinary experiences.

Guide to Luxury Holidays in Europe

Historic city breaks, sun-splashed island getaways, and scenic cross-country rail journeys – a luxury holiday to Europe can be so many things. Journey to Greece, the birthplace of democracy, and you can unearth thousands of years of culture in a blissful setting. In the Peloponnese or the Greek Islands you'll wander winding backstreets, swim in glittering turquoise waters, and sample exquisite Mediterranean cuisine – all against the backdrop of spectacular ancient ruins. Closer to home, Portugal promises Medieval castles, unbelievable coastal scenery, and a capital city that blends scenic spectacle with lively urban buzz. Head north to Scandinavia and you can experience a different way of life. Take a river cruise through the fjords, stroll through the cobbled streets of stylish port cities, and marvel at the Northern Lights. In Italy, the sprawling inland cities are dominated by centuries of art, history and cuisine, while the coastlines promise unbelievable natural scenery and a slow pace of life. If you’re seeking beachside bliss, some of the best experiences can be had on island nations such as Cyprus, where year-round warm weather and excellent beach resorts make this historic island a dream destination.

You can visit Europe in any season. In the central cities, where history and culture abound, there’s enough to keep you busy – no matter the weather. With many southern regions staying warm year-round, you can enjoy winter getaways. Across the continent the warmest, driest weather occurs between April and September, and the summer months are the most popular time to travel. In winter and early spring, you can hit the slopes of the ski resorts or head north for a glimpse of the Northern Lights.
Before travelling to Europe you should research the passport and visa requirements for your destination at GOV.UK. During your trip, make sure you carry your passport with you and keep a photocopy of your official documents.
A luxury holiday to Europe lets you sample cuisine from around the world. In the major cities, international restaurants sit on every corner. In the coastal resorts, luxury hotels serve up delicacies inspired by local traditions and global trends. In the south, the Mediterranean diet revolves around tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and fresh seafood. In the north, you’ll sample German sausages, Belgian chocolate, and Viennese coffee. And of course, fine wines can be enjoyed everywhere. From the boulangeries of Paris to the tavernas of Greece, Europe is true foodie heaven.
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Popular areas in Europe

A mosaic of sun-kissed islands, crumbling ruins, and luxury hotels where the ancient meets the contemporary.
World-famous art, Mediterranean cuisine, and centuries of culture. Come join the fiesta.
Where years of history, culture, and cuisine have come to a breathtaking crescendo.
Travel to a land rich in award-winning wines, world renowned golf courses, unique architecture and world-class beaches.
Discover kingly tombs, wild forests, luxury beaches and private coves infused with a mix of cultures.
Escape to a magical wonderland, spend the night in the Midnight Sun, and see stunning views of the Northern Lights.
Geothermal pools, ancient glaciers and a capital bursting with art, cuisine and history.
Experience a land of breathtaking natural beauty, a fascinating history and a rich cultural heritage.
Visit a land where fortified medieval towns rise out of a colourful coastline fringed with picture-perfect beaches.
Discover the landscape that inspired Monet and experience the elegant blend of language, creativity and culture.
Discover captivating coastlines, otherworldly landscapes, ancient ruins, and luxury resorts.
Sophisticated cities, snow-capped mountains, and centuries of culture.
Uncover art, music and cuisine in a land of snow-capped mountains and historic cities.
Sunlit city summers and wild winter retreats.
Discover the lore of Vikings and be lured to magical cities studding a wild landscape of forests and mountains.
Discover a magical land with mystical fjords, cascading waterfalls and glaciers lit by heavenly northern lights.
Old meets new in a land of folk tradition, natural spectacle, and contemporary urban charm.
Experience Bratislava's classic old town or learn about folk traditions in quaint gingerbread-style villages.
Visit a land where colourful historic harbours meet fairytale castles and cosy cities border nature’s wilderness.
Visit an artistic land of fairy tales with magical castles and modern cities that play host to world-renowned artworks.
Czech Republic
Travel to a land of Austro-Hungarian castles and chateaux, some of the world's finest beers, and enchanting old towns.
Travel to a land known for hedonistic pursuits, super yachts, and living the high life.
Travel to a country with a fairytale countryside, idyllic canals, and a fascinating history.