Stretched out over the southern Balkans and the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea, Greece is home to awe inspiring natural beauty, fascinating historical treasures, and a lively cultural scene. A popular starting point for any Greek adventure is Athens, where you can walk through the cobbled streets, and head up to the ruins of the Acropolis, where ancient marble structures still offer stunning views of the city.

Of course, the islands of Greece are the main draw. While some of the more well-known islands, such as Santorini and Rhodes continue to offer exclusive hotels and magical sunsets, the forest laden Halkidiki and the mountainous Peloponnese, allow you to uncover history amidst some remarkable landscapes and endless coastlines. 

When To Visit

Our luxury holiday to Greece can be enjoyed at almost any time of the year. The most popular months to visit coincide with the warmest weather in the summer, but spring and autumn can also be excellent for a beach break. 
Many of the island resorts close between November and March, so if you’re keen to travel during this period, aim for the cities. In Athens, the temperatures can dip significantly in the winter months, but with so much to see and do you’ll still have a fantastic experience. 

Food & Drink

Fantastic food and wine can be enjoyed across Greece. In the urban centres and at the large resorts, a combination of Greek and international cuisines will be available. In the smaller towns and villages, traditional fare abounds. Greek cuisine revolves around ingredients such as olive oil, feta, lemon, yoghurt and fresh herbs. 
At the coast, you’ll enjoy delicious fresh fish and seafood, and in the mountains excellent lamb. At a local taverna, you can sample classic dishes such as dolmades, pastitsio, and spanakopita, along with a glass of ouzo.

Passport & Visas

Before you book your holiday to Greece visit GOV.UK to familiarise yourself with the entry requirements. During your holiday, carry your passport with you and keep photocopies of official documents. 

Flight Time
~4 hours