With a mountainous interior, gorgeous towns and cities, and a bijou coastline of picturesque beaches, Montenegro proves that great things come in small packages. In the north, snow-capped mountains, canyons and caves provide great hiking terrain. In the south, crystal-clear waters and fine sandy beaches line its shores. Luxury holidays in Montenegro offer a truly scenic escape.

Montenegro is a small nation with a lot of charm. Quaint villages and elaborate monasteries dot the country and medieval walled towns fringe the turquoise coastal waters. At the base of Lovcen Mountain, is the historic former capital, Cetinje, and you'll find that this magical city is a hub of culture and history with lots of museums and artistic institutions. It's also a fantastic starting point for trekking the colourful slopes of Lovcen National Park.

Meanwhile, the current capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, offers luxury travellers fine dining, winery tours, art galleries, and an old Ottoman town. Moving to the coast, you'll find Kotor, a stunning fortified town set in a bay. Explore the towering spires of the Savina Monastery and the gothic Kotor Cathedral, then make your way to the pretty islet, Our Lady of the Rocks, and take a stroll through the colourful town of Perast.

You'll find spectacular beaches all along the coastline of Montenegro, but at the town of Budva, you'll get to walk on some of the finest sands of the country. Wander the pebble and sand beach of Jaz, one of the best in Europe, and relax by the emerald waters at Mogren Beach. Don't forget to visit the Old Town, Stari Grad, it's a place that fills cameras and hearts with lasting memories.

When To Visit

The coast and interior of Montenegro experience different climates. The coastline enjoys a Mediterranean climate with summer temperatures around 30 degrees celsius and winter weather that is mild and cool. The interior has a sub-alpine climate where it's warm in the summer and sub-zero in winter with lots of snow.

For the sunny weather, June to September is a popular time to visit the coast, with the warmest days falling in July and August. For the interior, visit in summer for hiking, but choose winter if you love to ski.

Food & Drink

In Montenegro, you'll find international cuisine served alongside local specialities. With a focus on fresh produce and locally caught fish, and culinary influences from Turkey and Central Europe, you'll find the flavours of Montenegro both unique and familiar.

Enjoy meals by an open fireplace in winter, and try prime meats cooked on an open grill, a speciality of the country. Be sure to sample Montenegrin Brav u Mlijeku. This traditional delicacy is made with lamb, potatoes and other vegetables slow-cooked in milk, a method that makes the meat very tender.

Passport & Visas

You should carry identification with you at all times and keep a photocopy of your passport. British passport holders don't need a visa to enter Montenegro for stays of up to 90 days. After 90 days a visa is required. Visit GOV.UK for more advice on passports, visas and travel.