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Hotel Grimsborgir

'Your Winter Wonderland is Waiting.'

Hótel Grímsborgir is located just 70km east of Reykjavik, and lies in the heart of the Golden Circle. Some of the most breath-takingly engaging tours and activities can be found here, such as National Park Thingvellir, Kerid (a lake formed inside a volcanic crater) and the remarkable Geyser, purported to be one of the oldest in the World. Enjoy all of these incredible experiences before retiring to Hotel Grimsborgir, a luxury five-star hotel with service, food and accommodation to match. There's a gentle class to the guest rooms and suites here with luxury amenities but a subtle, muted aesthetic. Enjoy superbly cooked food freshly prepared with local ingredients at the Grimsborgir Restaurant and enjoy access to any of the 29 geothermal hot tubs on site for a truly unique Icleandic experience. 


The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland

'Haute Living in the Icelandic Lava Fields'

The Retreat At Blue Lagoon is Iceland's most exclusive and luxurious hotel, with access to one of Iceland's biggest attractions. The incredibly blue geothermal seawater has countless health benefits as well as being one of the most naturally beautiful lagoons on the planet. The contrast with the rugged black and green lava fields that surround the attraction mean guests can enjoy mesmerising landscapes during every aspect of their visit. The accommodations are classically minimalist with a stylish edge, and the lagoon suites even offer your own private blue lagoon, assuring total seclusion to indulge in its refreshing depths. There are two main restaurants: Lava offers culinary classics and is visited by many of those spending the day at the lagoon, whereas Moss offers a more experiential, fine dining setting, and is primarily for those looking for something special. 


Torfhus Retreat

'Authentic Icelandic style'

Set in the heart of Iceland‘s magnificent Golden Circle, Torfhús Retreat is an inspiring blend of authentic Icelandic style and relaxed eco-luxury. Inspired by the architecture of the Icelandic Viking farm at nearby Stöng, the traditional Torfhús residences and Torfbaer suites are crafted from local stone, reclaimed wood and turf.


Torfhús Retreat

'Stunningly Unique Viking Retreat.'

It's incredibly refreshing to find a retreat where so much attention has been given to the aesthetic. Recline on repurposed fishing boats and dine at tables fashioned from old carriages as you're taken back in time while Torfhús Retreat somehow still feels luxurious. Spacious, modern bathrooms and contemporary amenities preserve a sense of comfort and class while aesthetic choices encourage guests to imagine and visualise a time forgotten. Aside from the incredible retreat, you can explore the spectacular Þjórsárdalur Valley, the home of the fourth highest waterfalls in Iceland. Take glacier tours, go horse riding, or play midnight golf in the land where (sometimes) the sun never sets. The most mesmerising of these once-in-a-lifetime activities might be the trips down into hrihnukagigur’s crater,l where you can stand inside the crater of a dormant volcano. For true adventure, visit Torfhús Retreat. 

Showing 4 of 4 Hotels