Norway things to do

Norsk Folkemuseum

Explore Norway's rich cultural past at the Norsk Folkemuseum. Also known as the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, this magnificent place is home to a vast collection of artefacts found throughout the country and a unique open-air museum with 160 historic buildings. Walk amongst quaint log cabins topped with grass and find a wealth of photo opportunities.

Take a Fjord River Cruise

The fjords are an iconic symbol of Norway evoking memories from the region's rich Scandinavian past. They are areas of sublime beauty with long narrow inlets between towering mountains covered in vibrant trees and rocky outcrops. A boat tour of the fjords is a fantastic way to explore Norway’s natural beauty.

Nordmarka Forest

This vast forest region in northern Oslo offers a pleasant way to relax in nature. Enjoy well-marked hiking paths through the vibrant greenery, rugged mountain bike trails and crystal-clear lakes perfect for swimming. Come winter snow transforms the area for downhill skiing. The region has over 200 miles of designated ski routes, some of which have lights for night skiing.

National Gallery

The National Gallery is home to the most extensive public collection of artworks in Norway. The museum has a brilliant selection of national and international artists including European masters and contemporary ones. The artwork spans from the Romantic period to the mid-1900s. Marvel at works by El Greco, Monet, Picasso as well as The Scream by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch.

Norway Waterfalls

Norway is a land of waterfalls and is home to several of the world's tallest including Vinnufossen, Ramnefjellsfossen and Kjelfossen. Visit any of the country's waterfalls, and you'll enjoy a stunning spectacle in the most beautiful surroundings. One particularly remarkable waterfall is Voringsfossen, a natural wonder entirely in a league of its own.

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