The vast southern peninsula of the Peloponnese has been inhabited for thousands of years. Best known as a setting for the Greek myths, this historically-rich region also boasts gorgeous beach resorts and staggering natural scenery. Take a luxury Peloponnese holiday and you’ll swim in azure waters, traverse dramatic gorges, marvel at snow-capped mountains, and immerse yourself in history.

Explore ancient Mycenaean sites, stroll along the Venetian seafront at Nafplio, and visit Argos, the oldest inhabited city in the world. In the region of Laconia, you’ll find the city of Sparta and the atmospheric ruins of Mystras, a former stronghold of the Byzantine Empire. Two large mountain ranges and a rugged coastline have shaped the landscape here – exploring the secluded olive groves and hilltop villages is a must. For the best beaches the Peloponnese has to offer, head for the western region of Messenia, and discover golden stretches of sand, sparkling turquoise waters and plenty of opportunities for scuba diving and water sports.

When To Visit

The Peloponnese enjoys its warmest weather during the summer when the average highs break into the 30s. June, July and August are also the most popular months to travel, although there’s plenty to recommend this region at other times.

Outside of Athens, many resorts in Greece close between November and March, but a late spring or early autumn holiday to the Peloponnese can be fantastic. In April, May, September and October the temperatures are slightly lower, which allows for activities such as hill-walking and mountain biking.

Food & Drink

In the cities of the Peloponnese, you’ll find a number of international restaurants serving food from around the world. In the luxury beach resorts, even more variety is promised – restaurants here offer everything from staple Greek dishes to modern Asian trends.

Pay a visit to a local village taverna and you can sample some traditional fare. In the Peloponnese, staple ingredients include olive oil, feta, lemon, honey, aubergine, lamb, and fresh seafood. This region is also home to thriving vineyards and produces some world-class wines.

Passport & Visas

Before travelling to the Peloponnese you should research the entry requirements for Greece at GOV.UK. Keep a photocopy of your documents and make sure you carry your passport with you at all times.