The island of Rhodes blends a rich history with a cosmopolitan vibe, picturesque beaches, clear waters and pretty fishing villages. Exclusive designer stores, local boutiques and contemporary jewellers stand side by side with museums, galleries and cathedrals. Luxury holidays in Rhodes are filled with variety, excitement and lots of Mediterranean charm.

The largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes will take you on a journey from the ultimate beach getaway to the ancient past. The area of Lindos is a great example, combining the attractions of a stunning golden beach and a well-preserved acropolis. Rising above the town, the Lindos Acropolis offers fantastic views of the region, as well as a chance to explore the island's varied history, which you can see in the mixture of Greek, Roman and Byzantine architecture.

Then there is Rhodes Town, a unique tale of two cities. The Old Town stands sealed behind towering medieval walls and a deep moat, whilst the New Town flashes a little modern Mediterranean charm with its tavernas and boutiques. Explore the classical, medieval and byzantine buildings that populate the cobblestone laneways of the Old Town during the day, and then bar hop through the New Town at night to really get to know this part of the island.

Close to the renowned Prasonisi Beach on the southeast coast of Rhodes, Lachania has an unspoilt natural landscape, a quiet beach and a peaceful village at the foot of mountains. Gaze out across the azure sea from the comfort of a hot tub, or get into relaxing in a big way and enjoy a luxury spa treatment.

When To Visit

With a typical Mediterranean climate, Rhodes bathes in temperatures ranging from twenty degrees to thirty degrees and above. June to August are the most popular months when the weather and the seas are at their warmest. April, May and October are cooler months with the temperature sitting around 20 degrees.

In May, Rhodes Town is transformed with the annual Medieval Rose Festival. Featuring actors, artists, musicians and craftsmen selling their wares, parts of the Old Town are literally taken back to their medieval origins during the festival.

Food & Drink

You'll find food from all around the world in Rhodes, from Italian dishes to Asian cuisine, as well as local specialities, like moussaka and chicken souvlaki. Dishes are usually prepared with fresh, local produce, including island favourites like olive oils, feta cheeses, and freshly caught fish.

The island also has a long tradition of winemaking, and it'd be a crime not to try the island's local produce. go on a wine tasting tour, and sample dark reds with fruity aromas and sweet whites produced from Muscat grapes.

Passport & Visas

You should carry identification with you at all times and keep a photocopy of your passport. British passport holders do not need a visa to visit Rhodes and can stay on the island for up to 3 months. Go to GOV.UK for more advice on passports, visas and travel.

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