Amalfi Coast things to do

Amalfi Coast

The picture-perfect Positano is the cover star of the Amalfi Coast. Its colourful tapestry of cliffside houses overlook the Med, where yachts and swimmers take full advantage of the inviting waters. Stroll through its narrow streets and conquer its steep steps to discover wisteria-draped restaurants and chic fashion boutiques.

Amalfi Coast

In contrast to other Amalfi towns, the lofty Ravello perches at the top of a mountain instead of next to the sea. Here, you'll find the best and most panoramic views of the coast, winding romantic walkways, cute boutique shops, as well as sophisticated restaurants, exclusive hotels, and world-class concerts.

Amalfi Coast

At the quieter, eastern end of the Amalfi lies Cetara, a traditional fishing village with a reputation for culinary riches. Around half a dozen restaurants specialising in seafood can be found lining Corso Garibaldi, which leads down to the port. Be sure to sample colatura di alici, a strong anchovy essence, which is Cetara's signature flavour.

Amalfi Coast

Once an ancient fishing village, Praiano remains under the radar for many visitors, even though it's quickly becoming a popular destination among art and culture buffs. At sunset, enjoy an idyllic walk that starts at the San Gennaro church, descends to the Spiaggia della Gavitelli via 300 steps, and ends at the medieval defensive Torre di Grado.

Amalfi Coast

It's safe to say that the allure of Sorrento has stood the test of time. Once a compulsory stop on the 19th-century 'Grand Tour', this seaside town welcomed famed literati like Dickens, Byron, and Tolstoy. Today, Sorrento continues to enchant its visitors, thanks to its palatial hotels, magnificent shopping boutiques, and its superb cuisine.

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