Home to world-famous attractions like Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper and the exclusive Quadrilatero d'Oro shopping district, Milan is a city where fashion is as important an artform as classical painting. The city is elegant, sophisticated and full of charm. A luxury holiday in Milan offers world-class hotels with indulgent spas, Michelin-starred restaurants and historic sights within walking distance.

The financial and commercial heart of Italy, Milan is a vibrant city where modern architecture blends with the rich works of the past. At the Centro Storico, the historic centre, you'll find the Milan Cathedral, the iconic symbol of the city. Exclusive designer stores and world-class shopping malls like Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and La Rinascente can be found throughout this district, perfect for sightseeing and upmarket shopping at the same time.

At Stazione Centrale, Central Station, you'll find towering skyscrapers and unique buildings like Bosco Verticale, a famous tower covered in trees and greenery. Walk to Navigli and you'll be back in the historic part of Milan. This colourful area is lively day and night with artists and fashionistas strolling the beautiful canals, and ducking into the trendy restaurants and bars. It's also home to the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci, which showcases the inventions of this ingenious Italian polymath.

The district of Brera is where you'll discover modernity and the rich traditions of the past in close tune. There are lots of museums and galleries in this area, like the Pinacoteca di Brera, the National Gallery of Modern and Antique Art and the Natural History Museum. Be sure to head to Santa Maria delle Grazie to view Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece, The Last Supper.

When To Visit

With its many attractions and its mild climate, Milan is welcoming at any time of the year. In spring, expect warm temperatures with occasional rains that add an extra Gothic layer to attractions like the Milan Cathedral.

In summer, the sun brings festivals and outdoor dining to the city with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius. In autumn, the weather cools and museums, galleries and theatres launch their new exhibitions. Come winter, Christmas markets bring a visual warmth to the cool days, and rolling fogs add a sense of romantic mystery.

Food & Drink

The food in Milan is some of the best in the world. Discover fine dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, or enjoy buffet selections and a la carte menus at your hotel. Try classic Italian dishes like lasagne and local specialities like Risotto alla Milanese, a delicious saffron-infused risotto.

With world-renowned wines and olive oils, fresh seafood and prime meats, Milanese cuisine is certainly special. Be sure to sample the sparkling wines from the Lombardy region, and try a slice of panettone, the fluffy brioche speciality of Milan.

Passport & Visas

As with any holiday, it's a good idea to carry some identification with you at all times and to keep a photocopy of your passport. British passport holders don't need a visa to enter Italy. Visit GOV.UK for more advice on passports, visas and travel.

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