Luxury Drakensberg and Battlefields Holidays


On a luxury holiday to Drakensberg and Battlefields, you can explore the beautiful, fascinating and culturally diverse province of KwaZulu-Natal. This region contains astonishing natural beauty, like its famous lush green mountains, and historical significance. History buff and wildlife enthusiasts alike will delight in an escape to Drakensberg and Battlefields.

The Drakensberg, also known as Mountain of the Dragons, incorporates the most easterly section of the Great Escarpment, a steep ridge that borders the central South African plateau and slopes down towards the coast. Though the Great Escarpment is treeless, the hills below are verdant and abundant with wildlife. In the parks and reserves below, you can enjoy some out of this world hikes past epic waterfalls, soaring basalt columns and ancient rock art. You may even spot rare birds and other animals.

To the east of Drakensberg lies the Natal Midlands, a region of rolling greenery and charming villages that at first glance resembles a North European country. This beautiful area is famed for its arts and crafts, waterfalls and lush scenery. Stay in a secluded luxury hotel here and you’ll spend your days cycling beautiful country trails, visiting cheese farms, picnicking, fishing, and browsing for handicrafts.

Beyond the Drakensberg and Midlands, you’ll find the famous Battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal, a historical site where British, Boer and Zulu soldiers fought to the death to defend their territories. Here, you’ll find memorials and museums which chart various periods in history. There are hundreds of ways to explore this area. The region is also home to safari parks and game reserves and a fantastic coastline boasting luxury beach resorts.

When To Visit

Because of its high elevation, the Drakensberg region has a slightly different climate to other areas of KwaZulu-Natal. The green season occurs during the summer, between December and February), and is followed by a mild spring with spectacular wildflower blooms.

In winter, expect snow and chilly temperatures at night. Across the Battlefields and Midlands regions, winter tends to be milder than in the Drakensberg. If you intend to go on safari, May to October are excellent months to visit as the drier weather keeps the wildlife concentrated around drinking sources.

Food & Drink

KwaZulu-Natal cuisine has many culinary influences including European, Indian and Zulu. At luxury resorts, you can enjoy a variety of dining experiences ranging from traditional African barbecue to modern French cuisine. You can dine al fresco in astonishingly beautiful surroundings.

In the Midlands, the region’s colonial heritage can be explored at the English-style tea rooms, while the towns along the coast provide the opportunity to sample excellent Indian curries. Afrikaans staples to try include biltong (dried, salted meat), koeksisters (honey-glazed doughnuts) and boerewors sausages.

Passport & Visas

British passport holders don’t usually require a visa to enter South Africa. However, you should still check the entry requirements at GOV.UK before you book. While travelling in South Africa, you should carry identification with you.