Porto and Douro Valley things to do

Porto and Douro Valley

Douro River Cruise

Guests who visit the Douro River often comment on its unique atmosphere. The river stretches for almost 560 miles from its source in Castile and León all the way to the Atlantic Ocean in Porto. Join a tour with a guide to learn about for port warehouses and the local landmarks.

Porto and Douro Valley

Galafura Panoramic Viewpoint

Galafura is one of the most stunning viewpoints in the region and offers the chance to witness an unforgettable sunset. The poet Miguel Torga, considered one of the greatest Portuguese writers, was inspired by this viewpoint and one of his excerpts can be read on a nearby rock. Many legends and stories have sprung from this location.

Porto and Douro Valley


Located in the Douro Valley, Quintas, farms that produce port wine, are a prized part of the region's history and culture. Painted in a sharp white finish and situated along the slopes of the valley, Quintas invite guests for wine tours and a chance to see the vineyards and production facilities up close.