Kruger and Sabi Sands Safari things to do

Kruger and Sabi Sands Safari
The Jane Goodall Chimpanzee Eden

Just outside southern Kruger, the Chimpanzee Eden is one of the best places to view chimps in a semi-wild environment. Established by the conservationist Jane Goodall, this forest reserve houses over thirty chimpanzees who are sure to entertain you with their playful antics. Viewing platforms let you watch in wonder at our closest relatives.

Kruger and Sabi Sands Safari
Luxury Spas

You'll discover luxury and wellness experiences throughout Kruger and Sabi Sands. Settled within stunning locations that overlook the national parks and reserves, lay back and relax with a massage and spa treatment as the sun begins to set. With crimson skies and candlelit pools as the backdrop to your experience, you'll certainly unwind from a thrilling day of safari.

Kruger and Sabi Sands Safari
Cultural Villages

Kruger National Park is home to many cultural villages. Visit the Shangaan, Tsonga and Zulu people and learn local traditions and histories. Explore their customs, learn their dances, witness the making of fine arts and crafts and perhaps sit down together to eat a traditional meal.

Kruger and Sabi Sands Safari
Safari Trips

Lots of national parks, conservation sites and reserves are located in Kruger and Sabi Sands, making this luxury destination an ideal playground for exploration. You'll find your camera never sleeps as you journey to see the big five, photographing the animals in their natural habitat as they eat, play and go about their daily lives.

Kruger and Sabi Sands Safari
Hot Air Balloon Rides

Float below the clouds in a hot air balloon above Kruger National Park or Sabi Sands. Witness the daily life of the animal kingdom, undisturbed as your hot air balloon silently sails by. With spectacular views of Kruger and Sabi Sands, a hot air balloon ride is so much more than a safari from above.

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