Kwazulu Natal Safari things to do

Kwazulu Natal Safari
Battlefields Tour

Stay in the heart of the Battlefields region of kwaZulu Natal and go out with a historian guide who will bring to live the atmosphere and the stories of the Anglo-Zulu wars. See the Isandlwana battlefield and the infamous Rorke’s Drift, where eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded in it defence, immortalised in the film Zulu.

Kwazulu Natal Safari
iSimangaliso Wetland Park

What makes iSimangaliso Wetland Park so special isn't just the Big Five, which it has, but its marine life as well. This park is home to whales, dolphins and marine turtles, as well as being one of the best bird-watching locations in the world. Enjoy scuba diving, fishing, and horse rides across one of South Africa's most stunning parks.

Kwazulu Natal Safari
Shark Cage Diving

When you think about Africa's famous animals, too often the focus is on the Big Five, and not on the incredible marine life - like sharks! Out to sea on the coast are Great White populations, and cage diving with them is an exhilarating experience. Make your trip truly unforgettable, and see these powerful, timeless animals in their native habitat.

Kwazulu Natal Safari
Drakensberg Mountains - 'The Dragon Mountain'

Standing proudly in the KwaZulu-Natal region are the Drakensberg Mountains. This cinematic mountain range is home to a wide range flora and fauna, but the main attraction is always going to be the breathtaking views. These are some of the highest peaks in Africa and can provide some of the best hiking experiences in the world.

Kwazulu Natal Safari
KwaZulu-Natal Coast 'Sardine Run'

Every year in late autumn, early winter, millions of sardines migrate from their spawning region along the KwaZulu-Natal coast. 'The greatest shoal on earth' attracts thousands of predators, including game fish, sharks, dolphins, and seabirds. This vast shoal of tiny fish, often miles long, and the spectacular numbers of predators that follow them, can be an epic sight.

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