Madikwe and Kalahari Safari things to do

Madikwe and Kalahari Safari

Madikwe Game Reserve

One of Africa's biggest game reserves, the Madikwe Game Reserve has all of the big five and then some. With more than 60 different species of mammal, as well as over 350 bird species sighted, there's a lot of wildlife to look out for. Couple that with unbelievable desert terrain, and you've got an authentic safari adventure.

Madikwe and Kalahari Safari

Stargazing in Madikwe

Africa is known for its unpolluted night sky, allowing for unprecedented views of the stars. Expect a crystal-clear panorama of the galaxy, with many lodge guides more than happy to point out the constellations. Stargazing can be a near spiritual experience, and there really is nothing like the night sky in the African Kalahari desert.

Madikwe and Kalahari Safari

Seek Out the Rarer Kalahari Animals

One of the big bonuses of being close to the arid desert-lands of the Kalahari is the amazing and rare animals you can meet. From the famed and fabulous black-maned lion to aardvarks and pangolins, you can see some truly alien-looking, special fauna here. The Tswalu Kalahari Reserve offers the perfect combination of the big five and these rarer critters.