The Canary Islands are a true celebration of beautifully contrasting landscapes spread out over just a few hundred miles. These geographically-significant volcanic islands are home to serpentine mountain trails, rich-scented pine forests and sable-black sand beaches that would get any amateur explorer excited. But, if the great outdoors don’t interest you, there’s a wide-selection of world-class hotel resorts catering for families, couples, weddings and more.  

Tenerife is the largest of the Islands, with a dizzying array of terrains and microclimates, and is the perfect destination for a relaxing beach holiday. Gran Canaria is home to a pastel patchwork of beautiful villages nestled between rugged landscapes of mountain and rock. Lanzarote has a climate so stable that tourists take advantage of the water sports during all twelve months of the year and Fuerteventura also hosts wind- and kite-surfing competitions year-round. The smaller islands remain hidden gems in the popular consciousness but are possibly more impressive because of this. El Hierro is celebrated around the world as an incredible diving destination, La Gomera quietly impresses with over 600km of mountain trails and last, but certainly not least, is La Palma, which is home to the impressive La Caldera de Taburiente National Park.  

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