Every office has one, but we think we have one of the best! It’s that person who seems to look good every day, always coordinated, always elegant. When it came to top packing tips it seemed we only had one person to consult, our very own Jill! Between us, we’re sure we have your packing dilemmas sorted.

1. Split packing

‘If you’re travelling as a couple then use half the suitcase each so you’ll never be left naked if your suitcase goes astray!  If you’re going solo, then maybe pack one simple outfit in your hand luggage’ Jill of course packs for hubbie as well so does this automatically.

2. Make a list

‘Make a list once and duplicate it as a tick list for all your trips' This may seem a bit geeky, but it will save you that ‘I can’t believe I forgot THAT’ scenario. It will include the obvious that is so easy to overlook such as phone chargers, passport, credit cards, toothbrush, medicines etc. It will also stop you packing stuff that you really don’t need.

3. Pack smart – Jill’s monochrome

I’m a massive fan of monochrome says Jill, ‘sticking to a core of black and white, releases you from planning lots of coloured underwear etc. A black and/or white dress can be dressed up or down with a splash of colour and jewellery.’ Jill changes her look with accessories, bright ballerina pumps, a chunky necklace, or a gold or silver pashmina. ‘I have a little clutch bag: one side is black and the other white - goes with everything!’

4. Pack smart – Mary’s navy

‘As I don’t do well with black, I opt for the navy/white/orange combination.’ Mary finds that a combination of three colours (always including white) work brilliantly. Adding natural leather sandals take you easily from day to night in even the chicest spots – 'just grab a hat, a pair of shades, something stripey and crossover bag – Provencal-style’ 

5. Get ahead – get a hat

We’re both fans of the hat revival. ‘For a summer holiday I always pack a wide-brimmed sun hat, looks great round the pool, or very nice with a white linen shift dress for sightseeing.’ For winter a smart Fedora will look good as well as keep you warm.

6. Pack linen – and starch!

I guess we all love that brand-new linen look - ‘use a little spray starch on your linen shift dress before packing, that way you can wear it more than once before it looks crumpled!’


7. Mesh bags or boxes

The only tip I’m going to challenge. Jill swears by the mesh bag method – the sort you use in the tumble dryer – for separating underwear, t-shirts, socks etc. I, however, prefer a clear plastic shoe-size box. It is neat and doesn’t take up any more room if full – it is then placed neatly in your hotel room cupboard, creating your own stable drawer divider – perfect.

8. Fold it up

Decluttering your packing is key. ‘I work on a plus 2 – so for a five-night holiday, it would be five outfits for day, five for night, plus 2 spare. ONLY pack what you like, ONLY pack the components of your outfit – you won’t wear it otherwise. This method doesn’t just make packing simple, it makes getting ready on holiday simple too!’ Once you’ve decided, fold neatly with as many folds as possible – your entire suitcase contents will lift out and place into a drawer perfectly when you arrive.

9. Hand luggage

‘I always pack a toothbrush in my hand luggage, along with a book or e-reader, freshen-up wipes, pen and foreign currency’


10. Compartmentalise

Save yourself that body-patting routine whenever you need your passport by having a travelling bag that has pockets for all the different things you’re carrying – especially important if the bag is huge!