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Guide to Luxury Holidays in More Caribbean

A lot can be said for skipping the Caribbean's most sought-after destinations in favour of its smaller, yet equally stunning and seductive islands. From the unspoilt sands of St Vincent and the Grenadines and near-perfect St Kitts and Nevis, to off-the-radar Anguilla and hyper-exclusive British Virgin Islands, the small islands of the Caribbean promise a cornucopia of seaside variety. Despite their differences, the Caribbean's more diminutive destinations share a lot of the same traits - powdery sand, aquamarine waters, and lush, forested landscapes. Laid-back Caribbean living won't be lacking on these islands either, where the warmness of local people rivals that of the region’s spicy salsa rhythms, fiery food options, and ever-present sunshine. No matter whether you want high-end dining or deep-sea diving, or simply want to spend your days lying on the beach, the small islands of the Caribbean offer both indulgent and transformative experiences. When it comes to luxury holidays in the Caribbean, almost anything is possible.

For most Caribbean islands, the warmest and driest period is between December and April. Sun-worshippers can spend the entire day on the beach, and then cool down with a dip in the sea. Gentle sea breezes are also on hand to temper tropical climates. One exception to the rule is Bermuda, which due to its Atlantic Ocean location, has a long high season, from April to October. Also, you'll find that it's low season - November through March - is still really warm, and a little quieter.

British passport holders can travel to several small islands of the Caribbean without having to get a visa. You should check GOV.UK prior to travel for up-to-date information about passports, visas, and entry requirements.

Caribbean cuisine brings together a variety of influences from around the world and locally sourced ingredients. Freshly caught seafood and seasonal fruits are in abundance, with most dishes flavoured using fiery spices, and then balanced out by rice. Dining experiences range from roadside barbecues and rustic beach bars to traditional restaurants and high-end resorts. Fine dining is usually accompanied by an exceptional service and equally impressive views. International options aren't hard to find either, with most hotels and resorts covering all bases.

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