Xian things to do


Terracotta Warriors

One of the world’s great archaeological marvels, a life sized army of over seven thousand warriors complete with chariots and amazing fine detail, over a thousand years old. They were found by farmers in 1974 purely by chance while the halls in which they are visible is massive, there’s still more to unearth. The best way to visit is with a guide, to show you the fine detail and guide you to the best areas to see the warriors trying to avoid the crowds.


City Walls & Old Town

There’s more to Xian than Terracotta Warriors and it’s worth not rushing the city. The city wall is the most complete in China and one of the largest in the world. Explore on your own or with a guide for views of the ancient sloping tiled roofs, punctuated by imposing Bell Towers.


Muslim Quarter

Probably the best place in China to get a taste of street life as it may have been centuries ago. In a country of large boulevards and towering skyscrapers, Xian’s Muslim quarter is a well preserved slice of what was once an exotic trading post on the Silk Road welcoming travellers from Persia and beyond. It’s a bustling area to explore and taste dumplings, flatbreads and other local delicacies from cafes and street food stalls.