Peloponnese things to do

Elafonisos Island

This island paradise is situated off the Cape Malea peninsula and is accessed by boat. Beautiful beaches can be found along every coastline of Elafonisos, but the most breathtaking is Simos, a stretch of white sand and azure waters connected to another smaller island by a narrow isthmus. Visit for the day and you might find it hard to leave…

Ancient Olympia

If you’re an avid watcher of the Olympics, you must pay a visit to this ancient town. Situated just outside Pyrgos on the western coast, this World Heritage Site played host to the Olympics for 1000 years – the Olympic flame is still lit here today. Tour the ruins and explore the archaeological museum to learn more about its history.

Nemea Wineries

Excellent wine can be found across the region, but for the iconic Peloponnese experience head to Nemea, just north of Argos. This region is home to the most popular red grape variety in Greece: St George or Aghiorghitiko. Take a tour of the wineries here and sample some of the finest vintages Greece has to offer.


Visit the Taygetus Mountains in Laconia and get a glimpse of a long-dead civilisation. Mystras is a ruined city that once sat at the heart of the Byzantine Empire. Shrouded by olive groves and orange trees, and boasting frescoes, carvings and domed terracotta roofs, it is a site of unusual and enchanting beauty.

Caves of Diros

The Caves of Diros are situated on the western coast of the Mani peninsula and boast some of the most spectacular stalagmite and stalactite formations in Europe. These once-inhabited caves can be accessed by boat and on foot and offer up an eerie and exhilarating experience that gives you a glimpse into a long forgotten past.

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