Drakensberg and Battlefields things to do

Drakensberg and Battlefields
Blood River

The dramatically named Blood River is one of the most significant sites in the Battlefields region. In 1838 it saw the defeat of over 10,000 Zulus at the hands of just 500 Voortrekkers. Visitors can explore the battlefield, observing cannons, wagons, and memorial cairns and learn about the history of the Voortrekkers and their disputes with the Zulu people.

Drakensberg and Battlefields
Spioenkop Nature Reserve

The Battle of Spioenkop was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the Second Boer War. For a unique day out, explore the site where it occurred before heading into the neighbouring Spioenkop Nature Reserve. Here, the atmosphere is entirely different as you can watch giraffes and zebras grazing or take a horse ride through the tranquil plains.

Drakensberg and Battlefields
Royal Natal National Park

While the entire Drakensberg region is known for its beauty, there’s something particularly special about the Royal Natal National Park. A filming site for Zulu, the park is home to an astonishing geographical feature known as the Amphitheatre, a vast curving cliff wall. From the top, you’ll receive unparalleled views of the Tugela Falls.

Drakensberg and Battlefields
Giant’s Castle Game Reserve

This area of protected wilderness is a haven for hikers, climbers, and anyone interested in history or wildlife. Here you can spot the rare bearded vulture and visit the “Vulture Restaurant” to bait these birds for a better look. Another key attraction is the Main Cave, a sandstone cavern containing prehistoric art created by the San people.

Drakensberg and Battlefields

This charming Midland’s town is the ideal day trip destination. Visit the Howick Falls, mountain bike in the surrounding hills or go boating on the Midmar Dam. Howick is also home to the excellent Karkloof Farmers' Market – a hotspot for fresh local produce – and the Nelson Mandela Capture Site, a memorial on the site of Mandela’s arrest.

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